Weekend Warrior: Painting Techniques for Your Home

There are a variety of painting techniques that can be used for your home and below we’ve highlighted some of our favorites! We hope they can inspire you for your next painting project!

Beginner Tip: If you’re a first time painter, start with an easy project (such as a small room or an accent wall) to build your confidence.

Broken Color Painting Techniques with Glazes and Washes
Broken color painting involves applying one or more colors in broken layers over a different base coat to create a mottled or textured effect. You should expect this technique to include glazes or washes applied over a solid colored background.

Sponge Painting Techniques
This quick and simple technique begins with a solid base paint color. Once the base coat has dried, a wash or glaze is applied on top with a dampened sponge to create a mottled look. If you decide to add additional layers of glaze or wash, be sure to let the previous layer fully dry before adding the next application.

Sponge Painting Image from BHG.com

Beginner Tip: Try neutral tones of beige and grey or different values of color in the same family for a tone-on-tone damask effect.

When sponge painting, always use a natural sea sponge instead of a synthetic household type for a more varied and interesting texture.

Rag Painting and Rag Rolling
This painting technique gives walls a dramatic effect. Start by applying a solid color base and allow it to dry. To begin rag-rolling, roll a cloth into a sausage shape of varying tightness. Lightly dip the roll into the glaze and apply to the base coat with a rolling motion.

Beginner Tip: Different fabrics will create different effects. Popular materials include linen, lace, and burlap.

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