Painting to Sell

You’ve been told that if you’re selling your home (or intend to sell in the foreseeable future), you need to paint every room a neutral color. And it’s true that neutral colors and earth tones help keep potential buyers from being distracted while they tour your home. They’re a safe bet and look great in listing photos. But if you know what you’re doing, you can use an array of exciting colors that will actually enhance each room, rather than just neutralize it.

House colors
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Let’s start with the outside of the house. The most common color to move houses off the market quickly is a fresh coat of good ‘ol white paint. Sound boring? Wrong! Even if every other house on your street is white, yours will still look more appealing with its fresh coat. Added bonus: a white exterior actually makes your home look bigger!

Close on its heels, beige is the second most common home-selling exterior color. This seemingly dull hue will take on the color of your trim, so you can spice it up with a bold green or navy.


For a modern, urban feel, why not consider gray? Most grays used to be considered too dark to sell a home, but the modern buyer finds it sexy in all fifty shades.

Oranges and reds, if selected properly, can pass as earth colors and earn the blessing of real estate agent. Granted, you don’t want to paint a whole wall to look like a highlighter, but a classy dark hue can work wonders to give your rooms warmth and flare that most people are afraid to try. These are also great tones to try on an accent wall. Just one side of the room with a bold color will bring a whole new energy to the space, without feeling daunting.

Some easy shades of blue trigger a mood of contemplation and serenity. If there are any rooms that merit a more tranquil environment, some blues will enhance the Open House for prospective buyers. Some appropriate rooms for this color include the home office, a child’s room, or any kind of creative studio you have. Stick to the lighter shades though; dark blue used as anything more than an accent color can come across as dark and ominous.

Blue interior
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After you leave the blue, reflective room, throw in something loud! A lively yellow will serve the same function as your beiges and tans, but without the dull monotony. It’s light enough to leave room for a buyer to imagine something different, but bright enough to be unforgettable in its own right.

Brown is an earth color, sure, but with a diverse range of the brown palate in a single room, you give the space a surprising classic elegance.

And perhaps the most fun you can have with paint colors – while staying practical to resale ability – is the color green!  This versatile color can bring a sense of cheer or coziness, depending on the shade. It’s an earth tone with flare! A simple white trim will save your forest green from looking like the same abyss you risk with dark blue hues.  This color is also the most calming, even when used in audacious ways.

Even though it is tempting to play it safe when it comes to paint colors, each room lends itself to something unique and playful. When you find colors that augment rather than simply defuse your home, your resale value will go up and your time on the market will plummet. Or maybe you’ll decide you don’t actually want to sell after all.

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