Perfect Paint Finishes for Moisture-Prone Rooms

Everyday activity in our kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms make these areas of our homes particularly prone to excessive moisture but what happens when it comes to decorating? How can you ensure that moisture doesn’t get in the way of a great looking interior?

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There are a number of options if you are looking to paint moisture-prone rooms, each has a specialist finish to ensure that everyday moisture doesn’t leave behind unsightly water marks and stains on your freshly painted walls and ceilings. Determining the right paint finish for these rooms in particular is extremely tricky, let us take you through the products that work well (and don’t work so well) when preventing mould and moisture build-up in your home.

Is Matte Paint a Suitable Finish?                                                                  

Matte paint (also known as ‘flat’ paint) is the most commonly used household paint due to its minimal reflective finish, however, whilst it is the easiest paint to touch up – perfect if you have artistic children – it does not offer any protection against moisture so isn’t suitable for areas that are exposed to high humidity levels. However, matte paint can be sealed with an overcoat to offer added protection minus the glossy finish. Also, consider using a water-based primer before you apply matte paint, this gives added protection to your drywall.

Treading on Eggshells

Eggshell paint is a popular finish for moisture-prone rooms and offers a durable, low sheen finish for those looking for a matte feel whilst offering a certain level of protection from humidity. An eggshell finish can be wiped clean without any change to texture and is a great choice for kitchen and bathroom walls.

Avoid a Glossy Finish

In Layman’s terms, the glossier a finish is, the more it can be cleaned and scrubbed, but despite its durability, high-gloss paint should not be applied to bathroom walls or ceilings. High-gloss paint has high reflectivity giving the aesthetic appearance of enamel or plastic. This reflective finish only highlights imperfections, which doesn’t create a high spec look for household bathrooms and kitchens.

Satin or Semi-gloss?

Satin and semi-gloss paint are both highly recommended for use in rooms that require a water-resistant alternative. Satin has a less reflective finish than semi-gloss and is preferred by homeowners looking for a matte or eggshell look. Like semi-gloss finishes, satin paint can be wiped or even scrubbed down providing the durable finish to resist both mould and moisture. Semi-gloss actually goes one step further and repels water and other forms of moisture, whilst regular cleaning should be exercised to limit mould growth.

Is it Worth Buying Specialist Bathroom or Kitchen Paint?

There are many specialist paint products on the market that claim to be moisture or mildew resistant, however, these are often only a substitute for a long term solution. If satin or semi-gloss finishes don’t suffice then it may be worth looking a little deeper and considering whether your ventilation system is appropriate for the levels of moisture found in each room. A portable dehumidifier should also be considered when looking to reduce moisture levels in areas of your home.

This post was written by Brittany Thorley, she works for, a UK-based company that caters to residential and commercial properties around the world to improve air quality and limit excessive moisture. 

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