Awesome Child’s Playroom Organization Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Playroom -

If you are lucky enough to have an extra room available for a playroom, then you know how important it is that the space is actually used by your children. The best way to ensure that happens is to make it a great space to play in. Creating an environment that has encourages imagination and also does not become an eyesore can be a challenge!

It’s very easy for a playroom to become a disaster. All the toys get pulled out and nothing gets put back. Here are a few DIY tips for organizing or making over your playroom. Make it easy and fun for your children to pick up after themselves by providing plenty of fun and easy storage such as:

  • Large Wicker Baskets – These are very inexpensive and can be spray painted any color to match your room and look fun for your children. It’s also very easy for children to toss their toys into these baskets to put them away.
  • Empty Jars – Recycle your coffee cans, baby wipe containers and spaghetti sauce jars to hold small toys. You can label them with pictures so that your child knows which toys go in what jar.
  • Hanging Mesh Hampers – These are great to hang in the closet and give your child a perfect place to put their stuffed animals.
  • Arts and Craft Table – Hang fabric that matches your playroom’s design off the sides of your craft table. All your art supplies can be stored in bins and pushed under the table for an easy yet hidden storage solution.
  • Recycle Old Furniture – An outgrown crib makes a great place to put stuffed animals. Check some local yard sales and you’ll likely find an old bookshelf that can be refinished and used to store your child’s books.
  • Skip the Giant Toy Box – Toys will just get buried at the bottom and broken or lost. It’s almost impossible to organize a toy box, so sticking to multiple smaller storage options is a better choice.
  • Use Curtains – Curtains are inexpensive and can be used to quickly hide cluttered cupboards and storage areas. Shower curtains work just as well and can be even less expensive!

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