PROGUIDE: How Can You Use Cost Guide?

How many times a day do you get the question “how much is a ballpark figure on my project?”  What do you say?  How many customers have you lost because you have told customers you can’t give them a ballpark over the phone?  All of these should be questions you are asking yourself and finding a better solution for.

Cost Guide

For over 10 years, HomeAdvisor has been gathering costs from homeowners as they submit in a ratings and reviews.  From the data HomeAdvisor collected, Cost Guide was created.  Cost Guide has over 600,000 real cost profiles for homeowners to view.

So how can you use this?  Research average national costs and local costs for the type of work you do and be prepared for the question from homeowners when they are researching projects.  Just because a homeowner wants a ballpark figure, doesn’t make them a tire kicker or bad customer.  It’s your job to turn this question into a buying customer.

Here are a few examples:

  • I understand you are looking for a ballpark figure.  This can be difficult to get accurate but according to HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide, this project can range from $100-$500 depending on your homes needs.  When can I come by to give you a more exact estimate?
  • The average cost in your area is $250 according to other reports from homeowners that have completed this project.  I find that this typically falls right in line with the comparable jobs I have completed.  How about we set an appointment for Friday at 4?
  • Have you researched average costs before deciding if this is the right project for your family right now?  I have heard of this project costing anywhere from $100-$500 in your area.  Let’s set a time that your family and I can sit down and go over benefits and get a custom estimate put together for your needs.

Use the tools for your benefit and assume the close without being pushy.  Do you have other creative ways to use the Cost Guide?  Leave your comments!

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