ProGuide: Lawn Mowing Business Tips

You may think that there’s not much strategizing necessary to run a lawn mowing business, that you’re pretty much all set with the right equipment and sufficient manpower, but there’s more to successful business administration than these. To maximize not only efficiency but profit as well, apply the following lawn mowing business tips:

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Lawn Care Job Assignment

To better organize jobs, it is best if you designate employees to service certain areas. This way, they can save on driving time and gas costs, allowing them to complete more jobs in one day at less cost. It is also recommended that you establish a friendly collaborative relationship with another lawn care provider in your area, be it an individual or another company. If you have a customer who is out of the way, it may be more practical to assign the job to a freelancer or to swap jobs with another company. If your competition is already servicing the area your far-flung customer is in that day, then you could trade that job for one of theirs that is in the area one of your people is servicing.

Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

Lawn mowing is definitely a great way to introduce the rest of your lawn and garden care services to customers. However, there are so much more lawn care advertising ideas that can be used.

–        Door hangers. It’s more worth your time to go from home to home, distributing door hangers instead of handing out flyers at the supermarket or tucking them behind windshield wipers. For starters, your efforts are more targeted to people who actually have yards. With door hangers, you may also include information about their yard, what kind of services they require, and even an actual quote. There are clever ways to make your door hanger exude good will instead of aggression.

–        Magnetic signs. You can pay taxi services or buses to drive around with your sign, but even your own company trucks will make good advertising media.

Lawn Care Pricing

It’s always a good idea to set a minimum price to allow for costs such as traveling and loading time. You should know what your service is worth and should never be tempted to underbid competitors just to get business; focus on providing quality service instead. Work out discounts, such as those for people who sign up for an entire season of service or for a group of neighbors who hire you to work on their yard on the same day.

These are just some helpful tips to be used in operating a successful lawn care business. Good luck!

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