PROGUIDE: Where is the WOW?

My family and I were out to dinner recently with some friends who just moved into a new home. You probably heard the story before; The home was foreclosed on, had been sitting there for 12+ months and the previous owner left a bit of mess for them to clean up.

From our conversation I learned that they have had over a dozen different contractors in their home over the last month which included heating & cooling, plumbing, tile, landscaping, security, roofing, and so forth.

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Being a marketer I had to ask them:“With all of the contractors you have had in the home, share with me the things that really stood out to you – did they do anything that surprised you (in a good way)? Anyone go above and beyond? What were you most impressed with?”

After a bit of thinking they shared with me the following:

  • A couple of them had great phone communication.
    • For example: One called in the morning to give them the time he would show up and another them called when he was on his way to their home.
  • One of them had their office call the following day to do a quick survey and make sure that they were fully satisfied with the service.
  • Two of them put ‘booties’ on when they came into the home.
  • One of them went the extra mile and cleaned up after the job, leaving the home in better condition than before he had arrived.
  • Two contractors, who were in the home at the same time had behaved with above and beyond professionalism. One of them going as far as to compliment the other’s work to the new homeowner.

Long story short, you as a contractor have numerous opportunities to ‘WOW’ your clients and make them stop and say “Look how they went above and beyond!” When you start having this mindset you’ll start to watch your client loyalty, referrals, reviews, and positive word of mouth skyrocket.

Here are some ideas:

  • Roofer? Perhaps you could power wash the home after the job is done.
  • Do you install windows? Maybe you can partner with a local window cleaner and give your client a complementary window cleaning.
  • Send out a hand written thank you note to some of your recent clients to show how much you appreciate them.
  • Donate $25 or $75 to a local charity in honor of the last person who referred you to someone who became a client.

Question for you –How do you ‘WOW’ your clients? Feel free to leave your response in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “PROGUIDE: Where is the WOW?

  1. Thank you for the article focusing on the good. Our company Course Contracting strives to go above and beyond with all our clients. Have a happy holidays!

  2. These are some very good ideas, thank you for sharing!
    We do a few of these ideas but then I also walk the entire job with each homeowner once our interior or exterior painting job is completed. We want to be certain that they are completely satisfied prior to us leaving their home.
    My wife also thinks that wearing booties while doing interior estimates is a MUST…so we do!!

    I appreciate your blog, good ideas shared are helpful for all~

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