ProGuide: Word of Eye Marketing- Can You Use it to Improve Your Business?

Viral marketing doesn’t come easy. It takes time, resources and knowledge. Marketing is changing with the ever-constant visual and social world. Even the “Will it Blend” marketing viral sensation didn’t have immediate success. The company has a good product, but people didn’t know about the company. With a $50 budget, the company created awareness for consumers by blending everything from oysters to tablets.


Consumers Are More Visual, Less Patient

If there’s one thing that the Internet has proven true, it’s how impatient consumers are. Whether you’re reading a blog post on word of eye marketing or a tutorial about do-it-yourself SEO, the advice is always the same. Keep your paragraphs short, write lists and above all, use images and videos. It really is that simple. But don’t think that you have to do this on your own. For example, if you are looking for Seo in Mandurah, a company like My Online Guy can help you improve your search engine optimization so that you can rank higher in the search engines. If you don’t, visitors will never read your website. It reads a bit paranoid, but it’s not without a scrap of truth.

Of course, there are benefits to the Internet that traditional advertising doesn’t have. These benefits capitalize upon the technological nature of the beast. You can present a video to a person in the same space as text, and it’ll take your reader as much or even less time to watch the video.

That isn’t to say that photos themselves don’t help. They are worth 1,000 words, after all. Consider the types of items that consumers are unlikely to buy without good photos: clothing, shoes, vehicles and houses all make the list. Think of the things you wouldn’t purchase without seeing a picture. Imagine the time you could save if you’d seen a proper picture of that sedan with a “little” wear and tear. This is especially true for people who are looking for new homes. Photos help shoppers cross items off their list or add them to their “must-haves.” Videos take it one step further. A 3D walk-through of an apartment depicts space better than even a slew of photos. That’s why has a channel on YouTube, which has received more than 3 million hits since its inception.

Visual Meets Social

Social media outlets like Pinterest (which has 50 million logins per month) and Instagram provide ways to reach consumers that never before existed. Show your customers’ smiling faces, unbox your newest product, or create a Q&A that introduces buyers to your CEO. With multiple websites now using hashtags, your content becomes easier than ever for consumers to discover. In combination with text, your multimedia makes bold statements that static ads just can’t compete with. If you feel like your website needs more of a re-do to fit in with your new style, you may want to contact businesses like Cefar to help build on your website development so that your audience can navigate this new area and connect more. Nowadays, there are even more ways to reach your customers using social media. For instance, with the aid of social media and Instagram growth services similar to Nitreo, you can expand the reach and online presence of your business. You can use this nitreo coupon code to learn more.

With so many smartphones having capable cameras, you can take and edit photos and videos on the fly. Free websites like Pixlr replace bulky image editing programs, too. Twitter even allows you to add filters, which Instagram pioneered, to your photos before you upload them to your account. You can quickly fix photos that might need some fine tuning to create a better presentation as you develop your skills.

With technology at your fingertips, you can take a photo or video to capture the viewer’s attention and divert it to your product or brand in a personalized way.