Redefining Home Improvement by Treeium, Inc.

treeWhen we change something, we expect to improve it. If we transform our home, we expect to make it better. Positive change needs to be in harmony with our health, with nature and our future. Make your home improvement project a real improvement…a change for better.

Treeium is a general contracting company with over 24 years of experience, which specializes in green home remodeling. We believe that change starts from the inside out, and that the home is a great place to start. For every need there is a green solution and this is why we offer remodeling services that help our customers create their dream homes in an efficient, sustainable, healthy way for both their families and the planet.

quaWhether you have a small project on your hands, are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or need an entire home renovation, Treeium has the expertise and passion to help you do it in a way that’s smart, efficient and sustainable, so your home will not only look good, but will also be healthier for you, the planet and your wallet.

We are a team of experienced home improvement managers, designers, builders, client service specialists, home maintenance experts, technologists, and environmentalists, offering quality workmanship and personalized service to ensure that your home remodeling experience is exactly what you dreamed it would be while taking care of the environment in the process.

217158LOGOTreeium’s construction process focuses on sustainability in three key areas: Design, Products and Materials and Construction Techniques. Each project begins with an initial evaluation and the development of a budget and timeline. After that we’ll assist you in selecting all the materials for your project, including cabinets, countertops, fixtures, tiles and flooring. No matter the size or budget, we can customize each project to meet the unique needs of each homeowner in order to ensure the success of the project and satisfaction of our clients.









Change always starts within yourself and expands from there. It’s that proverbial inner switch that clicks. Your home is your family’s everyday habitat which is why it is a great place to start your improvements. Making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly will not only save you money, but will be healthier for you and the planet.

sedaAuthor Bio: For the past two years, Seda Kirakosyan has acted as the Director of Marketing with Treeium. Having a strong interest in business and marketing, prior to joining Treeium she was introduced to the world of search engine optimization where she learned Online Marketing skills which led her to her current position. Seda is currently a senior at California State University of Northridge working on her Bachelors of Science degree in Business. She is delighted to be a part of the eco movement and is glad to be a part of making the world a greener place.