Remodeling Your Kitchen with Recycled Material

When many people hear the word “recycled,” they envision a used product that is broken and needs to be repaired in order to have any real functionality. However, this misconception can’t be further from the truth. Recycling materials from a condemned home or recent renovations can be a source of home improvement that you may not have bothered to consider. This can save you a great deal of money while providing a quality look and feel to your kitchen.

Recycled Kitchen Material
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1. Re-Purposing – If you’re handy with tools and the ability to repair and build your own drawers and cupboards, re-purposing recycled materials from various locations could provide you with a unique look and feel. For instance, helping a neighbor tear down an old barn or garage could provide you with the materials to give your kitchen a rustic look. Sometimes those who are renovating their homes will allow you to root through the remnants of scrap wood to put towards your own remodel.

2. Friendly Trade-off – Using those individuals mentioned above, you could help remove their old cupboards and counters in order to use them in your own locale. Many people welcome free help and if you are willing to assist in his or her remodel, most of them will allow you to keep the materials you remove unless they have other purposes for the material themselves. Never assume that your free labor will warrant keeping these materials and you should ask for permission before working.

3. Resurfaced – Nearly any wood can be easily refinished and turned into a usable product for your needs. One of the most common methods of refinishing wood is by using a new coat of paint. Even recycled planks from a fifty-year old barn can look completely different with a fresh coat or the proper color of stain. Wood stains, waxes, and more can be used to alter the appearance of wood and turn them into an elegant piece for virtually any purpose.

4. Buy it Direct – As recycling various materials has gained great popularity, there are shops that sell recycled materials to people like you who are looking for a more cost effective way to remodel the kitchen. Some of these locations take the leg work out of finding scrap and recycled materials in order to refurbish and sell the item at a far less price than what they would be brand new. These goods have been professionally cleaned and reworked in order to breathe new life into even the oldest of materials.

5. The Classifieds – Want ads in the newspaper or using sites such as “Craig’s List” can help you find a wide range of recycled materials for your kitchen remodel. In fact, you can post your own want ad to offer your services to remove various materials and let these people find you. If you are willing to offer your services for free, you’d be impressed with how many people will allow you to tear out furnishings.

Recycled materials can go a long way to refurbishing your kitchen while on a strict budget. As long as you’re willing to do some sanding, painting, and re-staining, old cupboards can be vitalized to look new once more. For a fraction of the cost of buying new, your kitchen could look as though it had cost a great deal more than what you actually spent.

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  1. What a great idea. I hadn’t even thought of this at the level you have. I’ll start incorporating more recycled materials into what I do.

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