Setting The Scene: Staging Your Home To Sell Fast

Setting the tone of the property you are marketing may just make or break the speed with which the property sells. By taking a few basic steps to prep the home before it goes into the real estate race, shorter selling time and a better offer may be the result.

Improve Curb Appeal


A home that looks unkempt on the outside is sure to turn away potential buyers from the get-go. Keep lawns mowed, bushes trimmed and weeds pulled. Never underestimate the value of placing a few potted flowers adjacent to the entrance-way for color and warmth. Screens and windows should be in good repair and clean.

First Impressions Count


When a potential buyer steps inside your home, first impressions are everything. A home with a suspicious odor will most likely not get a second look. By thoroughly cleaning floors, carpets and walls, odors diminish. Scented candles or potpourris placed strategically throughout the rooms emit positive aromas that help for a quicker sale. A fresh coat of neutral paint throughout helps spruce it up while giving the home a nice, clean smell.

Evaluate Each Room


Take a tour of your home, while keeping a neutral position as to how each room is presented. If possible, incorporate a friend to give you an honest opinion of each room’s strengths and weaknesses and use this as a strategy to improve the weak areas while spotlighting the strong areas. For instance, if that shower door is dull and grimy looking, remove it and use a strong cleaner such as a mix of muriatic acid and water to scrub it clean to make it sparkle like new. If faucets are showing wear, replace with newer ones. This is an inexpensive way to improve the value and is something that a novice can do without calling in a plumber.

Stage Rooms for Mass Appeal


Rid all rooms of clutter, a definite deterrent in any home sale. Make the home as generic as possible by removing personal items such as family pictures, kids’ artwork or awards from winning that 3-legged race at the company picnic last year. An Obeo real estate photography specialist says this can help potential buyers see themselves living in the home, rather than viewing someone else’s house.

Putting your home on the market is a step towards a new adventure. By following a few tried and trusted ways for staging your home before it hits the market, you may be headed towards a quicker and more prosperous trip.