Simple Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

With money getting tighter, and the winter months upon us, home owners are often looking for ways to save on their basic heating costs. No one wants to live in a cold home as this is both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to your health. With that there are many ways to lower your monthly heating bills that many people don’t know about.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are used during the summer months to help cool a home. Traditionally they are set to blow air down and create a gentle breeze through the home. Unknown to many people is how they can be used in the winter time to help with heating with a simple switch on the side of the fan. This switch will reverse ceiling fans pulling air upward and creating a convection cell that greatly enhances the feel of warmth in the room.


The joys of having a wood burning fireplace in the home range from the smell of the wood, to sitting and relaxing by the fire. They are also a great way to lower energy bills. By simply closing the damper, the fireplace becomes more efficient when burning. This allows more of the heat to enter the home and less to escape out the chimney. Often these can be picked up at a local heating store for a few dollars and are fairly easy to install. If there is a damper already installed just leave it open when starting a fire and close it off once the fire is already started.

Weather Stripping

With the focus on heating a home there are quite a few people who are also unwittingly trying to heat the great outdoors. Cracks and leaks around doors and windows allow this precious heat to escape. Simply adding weather stripping to these areas will stop a lot of the heat escaping. Sealing air leaks like these is very cost effective and easy to install. And that means more heat inside and less need to heat the area.

Programmable Thermostats

Some people ask why they need a programmable thermostat. There are many times of the day when a home does not need heating. Usually these times are preset such as when everyone is either at work or at school. It is a waste of resources to keep the home at a comfortable temperature when there is no one inside. All too often it is easy to forget to turn down the thermostat when leaving the house for the day. With a programmable thermostat, the home owner can set it one time and forget it. The savings from this small purchase alone can save hundreds in wasted energy every year.

Drawing Curtains

This quick and simple fix increases energy savings both in the winter and summer months by keeping the warm air inside during the winter, and by keeping the cool air inside during the summer.

Water Heaters

Another great way to save is to lower the water temperature of your water heater. Everyone loves to have a hot shower, but keeping the water temperature above the highest point that it will be used is like pouring money down the drain. Like most people, they cool the water by turning on both the hot and the cold water to get the right temperature. It only takes a few seconds to adjust and will largely go unnoticed by the home owner.

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