Gloomy Garage? Six Organization and Design Tips to Take It from Grimy to Glamorous

When was the last time someone showed off their garage during a home tour? The garage, despite its original purpose as a safe storage place for cars, is widely used now as an extra room for storing goods out of sight. There are, however, several different things you can do to turn your gloomy garage into a glamorous place where you can skillfully store your tools, cars, and extra items. The following are six great design tips that you can utilize to make the most of your garage space.

Image via DesignMine
Image via DesignMine

Overhead Sliding Storage

If you have a lot of items that can be stored in plastic totes, consider making an overhead sliding storage system. Suspended storage is always a plus for garages, as there is often too little free space on the floor and walls. Just be sure that your sliding storage system can be accessed safely and easily, to ensure no one is injured while using it.

PVC Tool Organization

Most people can lay claim to several different sizes and styles of rakes and shovels—these can be the cause of disaster in the corner of your garage. Instead of piling them up on top of each other, use PVC pipe to get organized. Simply cut a 6” PVC pipe in 6” lengths. Attach the pipes in a row along the wall of your garage and slip the tool handles down through. You now have a neat row of tools that will stay in place and be easy to find whenever you need them.

Pegboard Book for Your Tools

Many people use pegboards in the garage to organize smaller tools, but the lack of wall space does not make this a quick fix. Instead, use several smaller pieces of pegboard put on hinges to create a book of pegboards. Whenever you need a tool, simply swing each pegboard over until you find the one you need.

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Tin Can and Glass Jar Storage

Tin cans and glass jars have many uses and many having them lining the tops of their tool benches. While this does keep your nails and screws in one place, it can mean less space on your workbench. Attaching round clamp brackets around the tin cans and glass jars will allow you to attach them directly onto the wall above your workspace, which will give you more space on your bench.

Leaving Space for Cars

When revamping your garage, don’t forget to clear out enough space to make room for your vehicles. A specialist from Findlay Hyundai of St George says storing your car in a garage will protect it from environmental damage and theft, which could prolong its life. If your garage barely has space for one more box of Christmas decorations—let alone an entire car—make it a priority to clear out enough space to fit at least one vehicle. Leaving about four feet of extra cleared room around the space you need for your vehicle will make it so your car doesn’t have to get the boot if you need some storage room.

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Fold Down Work Benches

One of the most common problems in small garages is the lack of space for a workbench. In this case, a fold-down workbench makes the perfect solution. Whether you need a bench for your woodworking projects or when you are working on your car, the fold down bench can assist you and, when you’re not working, folded back up to make more room in the garage.

While your garage may not be everything you want it to be, you do not have to be stuck in gloominess. With the above do-it-yourself projects, you can quickly change your garage from being a space where things simply pile up on top of each other. After investing a little bit of time into these projects, you can completely change things up. From the over-head sliding storage to store all of your totes to the fold down workbench, you can create a space that meets the storage needs of your entire family. Your garage can be the place where you park your vehicle, store your extra items, and work on a wide variety of projects. All you need to do is get a little creative with the solutions.

Author: Emma Sturgis