The 10 Most Beautiful Ornamental Trees For Your Yard

Ornamental trees have become increasingly popular in today’s modern landscapes. Not only do they provide beauty, but they also attract eco-vital birds and insects. Coming in a great variety of sizes and beautiful colors, here is a list of the ten most beautiful ornamental trees for your yard:

Kousa Dogwood


This stout tree offers a variety of colors for every season. In early summer, white blossoms cover the entire canopy in fractal shapes. Branches grow vertically, creating an over-all attractive tree form.

Japanese Lilac Tree


A hearty option that survives harsh conditions, this tree produces massive lilac-scented flowers, which grow in clusters.

Japanese Maple


Easily the most popular ornamental tree on the market, this is a classic option. Maroon and green leaves adorn your choice of drooping or rigid branches. Some special attention is required when caring for this tree.

Star Magnolia


This regal tree boasts beautiful white flowers in the early spring. The blossoms can stay for up to three weeks. Easy to care for, if you don’t mind raking a little.

Jack Dwarf Flowering Pear


A great option for limited space; this disease resistant tree produces white blossoms and glossy leaves that range in color from red to yellow.



This ornamental tree comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Springtime brings the delicate colors of new buds and leaves. The flower buds open into a stunning show of red and pink hues.



Serviceberry’s brilliant white flower adds an ethereal look to any spring garden. Clusters of berries attract birds and can be used in pies. In autumn the foliage turns red and orange.

Cornus Mas


Bright yellow flowers signal spring and clusters of red berries form by summer. This ornamental tree is a perfect habitat for birds and is a favorite of pollinating insects. It can be shaped easily and grows in tough conditions.

Eastern Rosebud


This springtime beauty will be the first tree to bloom on the block. The stunning Eastern Rosebud boasts magenta buds that explode into uniquely shaped pink flowers.

Dwarf Korean Lilac


This ornamental tree has a classic appeal. Its purple blooms arrive in early spring and the dark green foliage lasts all year.

Hopefully, this information will help guide you in choosing a beautiful decorative tree. With proper care and attention, these gorgeous natural decorations can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Informational Credit to Pete & Ron’s Tree Service