The Best Landscaping Tricks for Small Yards With Pools


Everyone loves having a pool in their yard, but landscaping around it can be difficult. Everything around the pool is in an automatic splash zone, which can mean instant mud or wet furniture. Maximizing the utility and aesthetic appeal of the space around the pool will make the whole backyard the most enjoyable it can be.




The Best Landscaping Tricks for Small Yards With Pools

Make careful choices when deciding where and which plants should be planted around your pool. Flowers, flowering shrubs, and other plants with high amounts of nectar and pollen attract not only beautiful butterflies, but also bees—which you don’t want near swimmers. Plus, during the spring season, the flying pollen can quickly dirty up the pool. Any plants that are planted close to the pool should be chlorine-tolerant, in case pool water gets splashed on them and be generally low maintenance. Also, make sure the closest plants are not too close; you don’t want family and guests to be scratched or hurt by them, and you don’t want the plants to get trampled.


Pebble Gardens



When a pool takes up most of a section of a yard, small patches of grass or dirt may be leftover in the far sides and corners, areas which are difficult for a lawnmower to get to. Instead, consider building a pebble garden. This is very easy to do–simply lay down smooth stones or rocks of a similar color, and you instantly gain a beautiful area with visual interest. Place some garden ornaments on the top of the pebbles to break up the space and add a touch of your own style.


Paved Areas



If there is only grass or dirt between the house and the pool, consider paving the area, or at least placing stepping stones from a paved area to the pool entrance. This way, dirt won’t be tracked from the grass into the pool, and dirt will not stick to wet feet and tracked back into the house. Make sure whatever hardscaping materials you use don’t get excessively slippery when wet. This will increase the risk of injury for those exiting the pool. Travertine, for this reason, is an extremely popular stone decking material for pool areas, as it absorbs water and is almost completely slip-proof. Bluestone and Coral stone are also good options for non-slip surfaces, and the latter has the benefit of maintaining surface integrity despite freezing temperatures.


Double-Duty Furniture



Because a pool usually takes up most of a small yard, a specialist from Blue World Pools recommends using your outdoor furniture to maximize seating and storage. Consider outdoor storage ottomans, which can double as seating. Easily moveable patio chairs are also smart, because they can sit in the entertaining area of the yard until they’re needed for around the pool.

Working around a pool can be difficult, but it is far from impossible. With the right planning and clever use of space, your backyard pool area can become your favorite spot at home.