The Easiest Vegetables and Fruits to Grow At Home

Creating a garden that includes vegetables and fruits is not only rewarding and beautiful to look at, but is also a money saver for all. Growing your own natural food is also a very healthy change, giving you the knowledge that your food is natural and not tampered with. If you are starting out and want some easy options for your garden, these are going to be your best bet.

Bush beans, such as green beans, are a great start. They can be left for the entire summer and just need healthy amounts of sun and water.  Green beans can be taken right from the root when grown and are ready to eat.  They can really survive in any climate as long as the watering routine is taken seriously.


Carrots are next up on the list because they are not only easy and can be eaten from the root. They are one of those vegetables that can be eaten raw or cooked and used in a multitude of ways. They can be grown in a colder climate and are a very resilient plant.

Such herbs like basil are perfect for a summer or spring garden. This herb is very abundant once fully developed and can be used in many ways.  You can easily pick away at basil after its first six weeks and it will continue to grow in. Not only do you save money on herbs but you also have the freshest and original unaltered version.

Another herb option is cilantro. Cilantro is a staple ingredient in many fresh Mexican dishes and can be taken directly from the source. Cilantro, like basil, can be used after it’s fully grown and even if you pick at it, will continue to grow as long as it is cared for properly.

Many people may believe that a tomato is a vegetable but it is classified as a fruit.  Growing tomatoes can be tricky, but they do need to be grown outside of the garden to begin with. You will want to include a tall stalk or pole so when the tomatoes grow they will have support, or they won’t be able to remain standing. You will not see any growth for at least two months but waiting for the perfect time to remove the tomato from the vine.


Strawberries are a good choice if you wish to have a staple summer item. They can be grown from seeds or existing plants. Growing from an existing plant is much less time consuming and usually more effective. You must make sure that watering is consistent and you keep track of how often they flowers are sprouting, since strawberries can rot quickly.

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