The Things We Forget During Spring Cleaning

Every so often, we go through times of the year where the house cannot just be simply cleaned, but needs to be from floor moldings to ceilings. There can be many things we forget to do but they are necessary if we really want to make the house sparkle. These tips can help your cleaning spree be the difference spic-and-span and not-so-great.

Spring Cleaning

We focus so often on the features in our home that are on display, but what is most important are things we don’t see every day, but effective the cleanliness and sanitation aspects of the home. Even though people will clean their refrigerators out and make sure all of the funky, freezer burned meat ends up in the trash, they miss out on such an easy step, which is to replace the water filter in the freezer. That filter needs to be changed just as much as a Brita filter. For those who hate the thought of tap water, imagine ice cubes that are from unfiltered tap water, like months old unfiltered tap water.

Another item we forget to clean is the air conditioner in your home. There is such a big dust build up in your air conditioner and that’s just the easy way to wake allergies and maybe even an asthma issue in your home. It’s not hard to find a cleaning product that will remove the stubborn dust either, even Windex or a Lysol wipe will take care of the mess. By replacing the filters, you make for air that is cleaner and doesn’t harbor germs. You will also extend the life of your air conditioner by keeping the dust from clogging up and damaging the machine.

Something most people would notice immediately, if they have the blessing of height, is that their ceilings fans collect the dust that gets pushed out from that pesky air conditioner I just mentioned. The dust will hide in many small crevices, but ceiling fan dust doesn’t just sit up there, it gets thrown around the room, sprinkles on us when we walk around, and we breathe in that nasty stuff. During spring cleaning time, make sure to first softly dust the blades for those big clumps and then wipe down the blades with a simple household cleaner. Doing this as often as weekly will keep your air fresh.

We sometimes rank cleaning tasks as more important than others, but these cleanings tips will hopefully become the top priority of your spring cleaning checklist.

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