Tips for Small Business Success on Picture Perfect Pinterest

As you may have heard social media is an essential tool in any content marketer’s arsenal and whatever size your business is, you too can make use of social networking platforms to boost your business’ exposure on the web and see those all-important profits rise. But social networking extends beyond the realms of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, small businesses can utilize the image based platform Pinterest to boost sales, maximise potential and reach a whole new customer base.


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Pinterest is a social media portal that connects users with similar interests through the sharing, liking and ‘pinning’ of pictures. Businesses can create their own pin boards and use imagery to connect to potential customers and fellow industry professionals. The following 3 tips will help you utilize Pinterest to paint a winning picture of your business and drive more traffic to your website and overall brand…

Put in the Groundwork


Image Credit: Pinterest 

Creating a full and engaging Pinterest profile is the first step to getting the social reach you are looking for, start by analyzing what your customers are looking for and design your boards to cater to these needs. However, while it is important to showcase your company’s personality through your boards and its pins, it’s also essential that your business objectives remain at the forefront of your mind. If you are a company who sells power tool products, center your boards round home and garden improvement or DIY to reach the demographic you are looking to engage with.

In addition to this, make sure you present a complete profile, i.e. add links to your other social platforms, a link to your website and create an interesting company bio.

Walk the Line

There is a fine line to tread when using any social media platform to promote your business, keep your tone light, fun and friendly when engaging with fellow pinners on this particular platform and never be overly self-promotional. Pinterest is a great place to promote your products, services or company blog, but do this is moderation! Generally it is recommended that 1 in 10 pins are from your website and the rest are from other websites or other pinner’s boards, after all the key to Pinterest in sharing. Sharing other people’s content will lead to them sharing yours!

Create a Community

Like Twitter, Pinterest allows you to find and follow fellow pinners so get connected for access to great quality pins and regular interaction with people who want to know about your business and its credentials. You can also create and manage group boards, which is also an excellent way of establishing yourself as a leader in the Pinterest community and your specific category.

Pinterest is an excellent way to engage with potential customers and other businesses that are relevant to your brand so exploit this every way you can, creating a community and the perfect platform for (discreetly) promoting your business.

This article was written by marketing professional, Brittany Moodie, she represents Getting-In, an educational resource that provides the perfect tools for success to students of all ages, including online revision guides and advice on writing the perfect personal statement

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