Using Outside Lighting to Deter Burglars

Home security burglar alarm systems are an excellent way to protect your home, family, and belongings from a home invasion burglary. However, a surprising number of homeowners neglect protecting the exterior property and as a result have inadvertently created serious gaps in their overall home security scheme.

So, how can you use outdoor lighting to protect your home against intruders? Start by taking a walk around your property at night. Your goal is to rid your yard of its dark spots. This is easily accomplished with exterior flood lights. They’re bright and powerful, which means a single bulb can illuminate a large area.

It used to be that a homeowner had to turn these exterior lights off and on through a switch. Today, motion-sensing technology is the standard approach to exterior security lighting. But are motion sensors a good or bad thing? They’re actually an important advancement in outdoor home security, and a mandatory component of any good home security system.

Designed to be triggered when motion is detected in any given security zone, they operate nearly without fail, and instantly illuminate upon sensing motion. For areas of your property that might be vulnerable to prowlers, or areas of your property that might otherwise benefit from motion-sensed illumination, use motion-sensing lights.

It’s natural to want to over-illuminate your property. The last thing you want to do is create a mini-Vegas in your neighborhood when those motion sensors go off. So, how much lighting is too much lighting? This can be answered in a couple of ways. The first deals with how many lights come on at the same time. Your yard could be perfectly illuminated, but if all the lights come on every time motion is detected, this is just overkill. Ensure that each security zone illuminates only when a motion sensor is triggered within it.

The other has to do with over-illumination of each separate security zones. Outdoor spotlights are bright, and as a result adequately illuminate a sizable area. More lighting in the same zone doesn’t mean better coverage. Spread the lights equitably around your property. It’s okay of security zones overlap a bit, but a high-percentage of overlap doesn’t give an increased return on investment.

There are many great exterior home security solutions for your home, and in a wide range of colors, designs, and applications. Small solar lighting is perfect for walkways and garden paths, and come in an impressive number of colors and designs. These are an excellent addition to your home security system, and will help make your exterior property aesthetically pleasing while serving the might higher purpose of closing the gaps in your overall home security.

Elli is a guest contributor. She works for Your Local Security and writes about home security and safety, design tips, gardening tips, and all things home-related!

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