Vinyl Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide

Vinyl flooring has been a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms for many years. It is less expensive than other flooring options and has a cushioned core that makes it more comfortable and warmer underfoot than wood or tile. With proper maintenance and care, you can keep your vinyl floors looking great for years to come.

Vinyl Flooring
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Follow these tips to keep your floors looking good as new:

Use a Doormat. A doormat will help to keep out vinyl’s two greatest enemies: dirt and chemicals. Dirt can easily be tracked in to your house, and the grit can act as sandpaper and remove the finish from your floor. Although you can’t see them, chemicals from asphalt can stick to the bottoms of your shoes and cause your vinyl floors to yellow over time.

Keep Them Clean. Vinyl is no exception to the fact that keeping your floors clean is the key to keep them in tip-top shape. Regularly running a soft broom across your floor is a simple key to good floor maintenance.

Shampoo Hairspray Off the Floor. Vinyl is a popular choice for bathroom floors, but they are very vulnerable to messes in the bathroom. Hairspray is a big culprit; however, it can be removed the same way you get it out of your hair. A simple squirt of shampoo mixed with warm water will clean hairspray right up off of your bathroom floor.

Learn Gentle Techniques. It can be very tempting to want to blast dirt away with a heavy duty cleaner, but the mildest method possible should be used to clean vinyl floors. Sweep and vacuum every evening and stay on top of messes by cleaning spills right away. Wipe the floor with a mop and warm water weekly.

Don’t Soak It. Water from a mop that is overly wet can work its way into cracks, seams, and edges of your flooring. Once it seeps in, it can destroy the glue that holds the vinyl down and cause it to come loose or have the corners curl up.

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