Winter Decorations: DIY Ice Wreaths for Your Front Porch

In this cold wintery season, you may be tempted to take down all of your decorations after the holidays to conclude the festivities. As it gets deeper into the winter, you also may start losing your enthusiasm to put up any more decorations for fear of freezing to death. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Developing a new appreciation for ice and cold temperatures with these cool ice wreath themes will open your eyes to new home décor ideas that you never originally thought possible before!


Ice Wreaths from Natural Materials

This particular ice wreath is a great introduction that will help you get the hang of it. With only a few supplies, your porch will be beautifully decorated in no time! Do you have an extra Bundt cake pan lying around? Take this opportunity to clear out your pan storage and repurpose some things! Along with your Bundt cake pan, you’ll also need to gather a few natural items that may be laying around in your yard. These would include pine cones, pine, berries and other seasonal favorites. Arrange your first layer of natural materials in the Bundt pan, pour water and allow it to freeze. Add a few more layers in this way until it freezes over. With a ribbon to top it off, you’re all set!

Ice Wreath of Colorful Hearts

With the sweet memories of Valentine’s Day just a couple of weeks ago, it’s natural to want to continue the love theme. To complete this look, all you need is another Bundt pan, a heart muffin tray, water, ice water, food coloring and some sturdy rope like twine. To create the beautiful colors of the hearts, add a few drops of food coloring into each heart. Next, add a little water to freeze completely and wah-la! Half of your wreath is complete!

For the second half, you want to have already had your Bundt cake pan frozen with a little water so that the frozen hearts can transfer faster. Add a thin cover of water over the hearts to freeze again. To remove the entire mold from the pan, run a little warm water over it to loosen it a bit, wrap the rope through the middle for hanging and you’ve got yourself a great décor item!


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An Ice Wreath of Carrots

If your home is located on a lot of land, you’re bound to have some forest friends visit from time to time. Instead of being nerve-wracked over which part of your garden they will choose to nimble on next, make it easier on the both of you by making a carrot ice wreath that will preoccupy them for a little while. First you will need some carrots, water, a bowl, a cup and some ribbon. After slicing up your carrots put your cup in the center of the bowl and fill the cup up to keep it anchored. Start adding the carrots around the filled cup and then fill the bowl almost to full. After letting the original bowl of water and carrots freeze outside, run warm water over the bowl and cup to help separate the cup from the bowl. With a satin ribbon, tie the ice wreath up on one of your branches outside and watch your reindeers enjoy their snack!

With these super-creative ice wreaths to add during the winter season, you’ll never grow old of the cold!

Author bio: A guest post by Adorable Homean online interior design and architecture magazine devoted to sharing inspirational home ideas from around the world.