Your Kitchen: Find the Right Remodeling Recipe

Alright everyone, it’s time to cook up a recipe; but we’re not talking food, we’re talking about kitchen remodeling! Whether you’re on a small budget, thinking about ways to go green, or considering top of the line renovations, we have kitchen idea ingredients for you!

Low-Calorie Remodel
Let’s face it, many of us are trying to watch how much money we spend and can’t afford to splurge on high-end kitchen upgrades. Fortunately, there are many small, inexpensive projects that can transform any kitchen space! Here are the ingredients for a Low-Calorie Kitchen Remodel:

  • Re-grouting tile counters, floors, or backsplashes
  • Painting or staining cabinetry
  • Update countertops with inexpensive materials such as formica or laminate

Eating Green
Much of the time, energy efficient kitchen upgrades are focused on replacing older appliances with new, eco-friendly models; which of course, can cost a lot of money. The good news is that most eco-friendly kitchen upgrades are also money-savers in the long run. Your old electric stove,dishwasher, and refrigerator could be exhausting your energy bills. Here are some green ideas for you to chew over:

  • Purchase Energy Star labeled appliances
  • Replace your old lighting with new, compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Install low-flow water faucets
  • Replace your flooring with bamboo, cork, ceramic tile, or stone

High-End Feast
You saved every penny for your kitchen remodel, and now you can splurge! The most important thing to note is if your house is mid-range, installing a built-in refrigerator, a professional cook-top, and finishing the room off with marble floors is probably going to look out of place and do more harm than good if your house goes on the market. However, here are some high-end treats to consider:

  • Increase storage room and install new cabinetry
  • Install new counters, think granite
  • Replace flooring with tile and create an elegant pattern
  • Install accent lighting under cabinets
  • Purchase new appliances, think stainless steel

What would you like to upgrade in your kitchen?  What’s your kitchen personality: low calorie, eating green, or high-end?

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2 thoughts on “Your Kitchen: Find the Right Remodeling Recipe

  1. My kitchen is a mix of “low calorie” and “eating green”! Last autumn, I laminated my counter tops and replaced several older appliances (coffee maker, electric kettle, etc.) with Energy Star models. I’m considering redoing the tile floors this summer, and at the very least I’ll clean or replace the grouting.

  2. Hi Oliver,

    Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you’ve made some great improvements to your kitchen! Are you much happier with your Energy Start appliances? Good luck with your flooring project this summer and let us know how it goes!

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