Transition Your Backyard for Fall

Summer is a season when you hang out in the backyard playing with your kids and enjoy life together. Evenings are spent chasing fireflies and playing on the swing set until all hours. When fall starts to roll in, you don’t have to stop enjoying your yard. Here are some ideas to help transition your backyard for the fall season.

Image credit: Alicia Carter

1. Add Some Warmth

Your backyard needs a bit of warmth to make it inviting during the summer months. Add this with a fire pit or outdoor heater. A fire pit, if allowed in your neighborhood, is ideal because it gives you a place to roast marshmallows and enjoy evenings with the family or neighbors.

2. Don’t Forget Shade

Yes, fall weather is cooler, but it can still be quite sunny. Use a shade structure or umbrella, located away from your fire pit, to provide shade when you are outdoors. Add an awning to your patio or deck or an umbrella to your patio table to give yourself some shade. This is really a year-round addition to your home, so don’t neglect it in the fall.

3. Add Some Lighting

You’ll want some lighting to ensure you can stay out even when the sun starts to set. Luminaries, rope lights and patio lanterns can help create a mood while providing the needed light. Make sure the light is safe and out of reach of children, and then enjoy cozy fall evenings, even after the sun sets.

Image credit: Danielson & Sons Construction

Don’t forget to highlight walkways and stairs with enough lighting to keep people safe when walking in your outdoor living space. To save money, opt for solar-powered lighting whenever possible, as this will not increase your electric bills as you try to keep your space well lit.

4. Brighten up the Space with Color

Your summer flowers and foliage may have faded a bit, but that doesn’t mean you need to let all of the color disappear. Invest in some mums and plant them in pots around your space. They will keep it colorful throughout the fall season with fresh, bright fall colors.

5. Add an Outdoor Carpet

Now that the danger of mud and sand being tracked onto your patio has diminished somewhat, add an outdoor carpet to brighten up your area. These carpets are designed to look as beautiful as an indoor area rug, but can easily be hosed off when they get dirty. They hold their colors for years, so you can enjoy them for the long term.

6. Change out the Pillows and Cushions

Have you taken the time to walk through the patio furniture aisle of your favorite store? You will be amazed at the wealth of colors you can now get in indoor/outdoor upholstery. Swap out your current cushions and throw pillows on your outdoor furniture in favor of something a bit more indicative of fall, and watch your outdoor living space transform with one simple and affordable switch.

7. Bring in Wicker

Most patio furniture is designed for year-round use and can weather cold temperatures well, but not wicker. If your patio furniture is wicker, swap it out for weather-protected wood or metal furniture. This will ensure that your furniture does not get damaged, even if the fall nights get a little too chilly.

Fall is just around the corner. Are you ready? Take care of these small changes, and your evenings together as a family won’t have to end just because the temperatures drop.

About the author: Jeff Caldwell is Brand Manager of Superior Shade in Carrollton, GA. Superior Shade provides protection with shade sails, umbrellas and more, and all their shade structures provide protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. They design custom products for parks, schools, auto dealerships, and more, and will work with you to design the best option for your space.