5 Easy Homespun Staging Techniques To Attract Buyers Fast

Image via Troy Campbell, Home Adore
Image via Troy Campbell, Home Adore

The laws of attraction are undeniable even in real estate. A beautifully staged home is essential to attracting buyers faster.  A professional home-stager may not be in everyone’s budget, but, believe it or not, there are tons of staging options that are inexpensive, surprisingly simple, and you can do yourself. All of these techniques can help you and your realtor create an inviting atmosphere for prospective buyers to envision themselves in your home.

Here 5 super easy home-staging tips you can do to attract buyers fast:

5. Deep Clean Your Interiors and ClosetsDon’t let prospective buyers get the impression your home is poorly maintained. Neglecting the small things like, sticky kitchen countertops, bits of dirt on the windowsills, or even messy closets, will beg the question; did you ever fix those bigger issues? Do yourself a favor and give your home a good scrubbing, including clearing out your closets so that prospective buyers can see the wall behind the clothing rod. This trick will go a long way to help present a well-maintained home.

4. Curate Your LandscapingJust as appearance inside your home is important to prospective buyers, your home’s exterior is also crucial. If your front lawn is an overgrown jungle or a breeding grown for weeds, homebuyers won’t even walk inside. Plant some nice annuals, pull weeds, or plant a few trees and path lights to jazz up your greenery. With some simple pulling and pruning you can neatly curate your landscaping and enhance your overall curb appeal to entice buyers.

3. Paint your front door and your mailbox. This is another small tip that can generate huge results. A fresh and inviting front door and mailbox will welcome buyers in – literally – on the other hand if your front door looks old and tired, it can really detract from your curb appeal. Add a fresh coat of paint with a color that makes your home pop and instantly re-invigorate your curb appeal.

2. Repaint Rooms in NeutralsYour sunny yellow walls are cheery, make the room pop, and you love them, but to prospective buyers they make it difficult to envision themselves and their décor in the home. Clean, crisp walls are the best when it comes to open houses. Before you start showing your home apply a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint throughout the house; it’s a totally affordable staging trick that will dramatically enhance your home’s interior and attract more buyers.

1. Remove furniture to eliminate clutter. This is a simple step you can take that will have your rooms striking a balance between comfort and flow that buyers will love. Ultimately buyers want to see just how much space your home actually offers them – the more spacious the better. Less is more when it comes to staging. A relatively small number of tasteful furniture pieces and items of decor properly arranged can make a room shine. Since you’re planning for a move anyway, go ahead and pack some of your extra, and non-essential items of décor away – it will save you time when moving day comes and have prospective buyers lining up in the meantime.

Author Bio: Marni Epstein-Mervis is a real estate and architecture journalist whose work has been featured in Curbed, Yahoo, Huffington Post, and ArchDaily. Marni is Editor at Agent Ace, a free service empowering homebuyers and sellers with the tools to identify real estate agents in their area with the most expertise.