5 Features Found in Dream Homes

Beautiful, bright living room interior with high ceilings and second floor banister in new luxury home

We all get amazed with the high style, the outstanding interior designs, and the breathtaking locations of residences all over the world, featured in magazines and TV shows. And even when realizing that we’re far from affording such a home, we often secretly dream of how life could’ve been living in a place like that. That’s why they are called ‘dream homes’!

But here’s a little secret about this entire luxurious splendor – regardless of their location, design style or architecture, all ‘dream homes’ display a few common features. With a bit of creativity, you could perhaps find a way to introduce some of those and so, enjoy the experience of actually living in such a home of your own. If you cannot have it all, who says you can’t have at least a piece of it?!
So, here are 5 of the top features commonly found in all dream homes:

#1 Wide open spaces and high ceilings

Most luxurious homes feature open-plan living areas, where division in distinct zones is achieved not through partition walls but through smart design solutions, such as colors, materials, flooring, even textile. Mezzanines, intermediate floors, and open lofts are also typical architectural elements, where the usual floor / ceiling separation is intriguingly avoided. The result is airy open spaces with high ceilings and plenty of light.

#2 Panoramic windows, glass walls and skylights

Bringing the outside inside through glass walls is a smart architectural and design technique aimed at visually amplifying the interior space. Panoramic windows are most often found in living rooms and bedrooms, opening the interior to spectacular outdoor views of a mountain, a valley, or the ocean. Skylights are another dream feature of a million-dollar home. These large ceiling windows let plenty of natural light into the interior to make it look more spacious and airy. They allow you to have your own piece of sky heaven, too!

#3 Fancy staircases and balustrades

Most luxury homes boast a multi-floor structure and interior layout providing enough space to comfortably accommodate an entire family. In such residences, connecting staircases can become a major element of the overall interior design. Connecting floors, lofts or attics, these can be massive structures with a perennial classic charm, or steel and glass assemblies with a sophisticated modern look. In addition, staircase structures often allow the application of multiple smart display and storage solutions!

#4 En-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets

Dream home bedrooms are large and spacious, planned and designed not only to provide maximum comfort and functionality but to also ‘wow’ with exuberant luxury. A common must-have element of their layout is an equally spacious and luxurious en-suite bathroom. Modern interior design trends show a rising tendency of opening the en-suite into the bedroom, with no walls to separate the two spaces. It is believed that this adds more intimacy and romantic ambiance to the bedroom. Another major feature of the dream home bedroom is the walk-in closet. Large, exquisitely designed and boasting high-end functional amenities, this is a room within a room in its own right.

#5 Outdoor amenities

Luxury is an aspect not only of the dream home interior, but also a feature that streams lavishly into its exterior, too. Outdoor amenities are planned and designed with the same extravagance and magnitude as the interiors, and form entire additional open-air living spaces. Inside living rooms open to large outdoor patios with cozy areas for quiet relaxation or for having a pleasant chat with friends over a drink. Interior dining areas extend into outdoor dining rooms complemented by BBQ-s, pizza ovens, and open fire pits. Backyards accommodate swimming pools, de-luxe Jacuzzi/spa bathtubs and sometimes even extravagant facilities like an entire water entertainment park!

Many would prefer to find their perfect residence ready to move in. Others would feel happier doing some improvements according to their personal tastes and needs. The truth is that the ‘dream home’ is just the place where a person would feel happy and enjoy life with whom and what matter most. An annual national survey among 22,240 homeowners over the age of 21, representing 44 metropolitan statistical areas shows that there actually can be a universal recipe for having a dream home, and it is: “A dash of function plus a pinch of pretty makes for a happy homeowner.”