The 7 Principles of Decluttering Your Home

We all collect things in a manner of speaking, intentionally or not! However, there comes a time when sorting the clutter requires a little strategic planning if it’s to be successful.

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The 7 principles of de-cluttering are simple, especially when you follow a plan.

1# Sorting the wheat from the chaff.

This old adage is very apt for de-cluttering! Ask yourself whether you actually need an item and then organize piles (boxes are best), one for the bin, one for charity, one for recycling and one for the things you intend to keep.

2# Go bite-sized.

If you have a lot of de-cluttering to do break the task into bite-sized, achievable pieces. Work your way methodically through each room, wardrobe, chest of drawers etc. so that you don’t get completely overwhelmed and end up with an enormous pile of things on the floor without home!

3# Be ruthless and truthful.

If an item has sentimental value ask yourself if you can live without out it completely before placing it on the appropriate pile. Take a photo of it as a keepsake if you’re reluctant to get rid of it. If you don’t like an item be truthful, you don’t want it so get rid of it!

4# Monetary considerations.

If you need to make some money consider the re-sale value, however, don’t kid yourself into thinking all of your possessions are priceless pieces that will make you rich. The chances are they won’t, but an accumulation of value pieces may make you some money. If you’re unsure of their monetary value get quotes from a jeweler or collector. Bear in mind if they want to purchase them they may provide you with a low estimate, so shop around to get the best offer.

Boot fairs are another potential way of selling your unwanted items, also consider selling online.

5# Be charitable.

When considering items for the charity pile don’t be tempted to add what amounts to rubbish. If the item is broken or has holes, stains or irreparable damage throw it away. Charities need items they can resell easily not a load of old tat.

6# Ditch the guilt.

It’s your home so you shouldn’t feel obliged to keep things just because they were a present from your best friend or grandma! Treat each item with the same principles and don’t feel guilty if you decide to donate or throw something away.

7# Use storage.

Not everything needs to be thrown or given away! Organize your home with clever storage solutions. Baskets, pretty boxes, or plastic ones with lids, can be used to store smaller items neatly.

Larger items can be stored attractively, if possible, alternatively stored in a loft space, garage or in the case of larger, cumbersome items, such as furniture or large packing trunks in rented storage spaces.

Be inventful with storage ideas, but don’t let storage lead you astray, you need to de-clutter before you start storing!

Once you’ve de-cluttered make sure that you don’t start accumulating all over again. Get organised and do a mini de-clutter on a frequent basis. You’ll feel better and your home will feel far more spacious!