At Home With…Brittany Estes

We caught up with Brittany, one of our favorite lifestyle bloggers. Here’s a bit about her:


Blog: Brittany Estes

Hometown: Lake Charles, LA

Fun fact: I’m a mom of 7 kids!

Why did you start your blog: To be a creative outlet for me as a new mom.


What DIY or home improvement project are you most proud of? My husband built us a beautiful wooden bed a few years ago. It’s so precious to me, I love it.

Best home hack: If you want your windows to appear larger and brighter, hang your curtains higher. That lengthens the window and room!

When should you DIY a project and when should you hire a pro? If you are genuinely concerned about the safety and quality of your work, don’t question and hire a professional.

Favorite item in your home: My bed- I really like to sleep, Ha! Plus it looks fabulous made up!

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from blogging? Be true to yourself. Don’t blog about things you think others will like to hear, but about things YOU like. People love authenticity!

Best home improvement budgeting advice: Focus on the major project first, then worry about the finishing touches later.

Favorite décor color: Gray, there are so many shades and colors you can put with gray to make it pop!


Favorite home trend: Open space concepts.

Home fad you wish you didn’t fall for: Painting all the furniture, some things are okay.

One thing you can’t live without: Hot glue gun, ha!

Favorite home improvement store: Home Depot

Favorite home improvement show: Fixer Upper – I love Chip and Joanna Gains

Favorite before and after you’ve completed: Right now it’s my entryway and I’m completely smitten with the transformation!





Favorite room in your house: My bedroom, simply because I can go there and shut my door for some peace and quiet.

Dream home location: I would LOVE to live back in my state of Arkansas, but part of my soul longs for a plantation home around North Carolina. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!

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