Holiday Decor Delight: Preparing Your Home

If you love the idea of decorating your home for the upcoming holidays, you don’t have to wait much longer – the festive season is nearly here! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a gorgeous home for the holidays, either. Here are some ways to channel your creativity without overspending.

Image provided by author
Image provided by author

Go Natural!

Items from the garden can be easy and charming materials to uplift your home decor. Place leaves, branches, and pine cones on the mantelpiece for a simple yet striking look. Bonus: Their rustic charm will look good throughout the entire year.

Make a Gorgeous Wreath

If you have a lot of extra baubles for the Christmas tree that are going to go to waste, use them to create a pretty wreath for the living room wall. All you need to do is create a circular base for the wreath out of foam and then glue ornaments onto it, layering them onto each other as you go to add extra shape.

You can also use other items like candy canes for a DIY wreath!

  • Take 20 candy canes and separate them into 10 pairs of two. For each pair, glue the two candy canes together so that they create a heart shape.
  • Once you have all of your heart-shaped candy canes, place them in a circle on a flat surface. Glue their stems onto a small round cardboard disc in the center.
  • Once they are glued to the cardboard, fasten the candy cane pairs to each other to create a heart pattern all around the wreath. You can use clear tape for this.
  • Once they are all tied together, tie a string to the top to hang the wreath on your door.
  • Cut a small circle (the size of the disc you made before) in cardboard to cover the bottom parts of the canes and give your wreath a finishing touch. Choose cardboard in red or green to add flair.
Image provided by author
Image provided by author

Create Easy Bauble Décor

You can use ornaments and decorations from the tree to add splendor to your festive table. All you need to do is fill clear glass vases with leftover holiday items and place them around the table. This is a great way to bring a burst of color and fun to any room. For an extra touch, try adding items such as mistletoe, fruits and nuts.

Capture Festive Windows

Keeping the shades of your windows down at night during the colder months enables your home to save energy. It can also be the perfect canvas for a festive window treatment.

Fasten pine cones to the corners of the window shade and drape ribbons or paper snowflakes from them to create eye-catching window decor. For an extra touch, spray-paint your pine cones in gold or silver.

Image via Good Housekeeping
Image via Good Housekeeping

Decorate Your Cabinets and Doors

It’s the details that make a house feel warm with that holiday feeling. Make your doors and cabinets look festive with this trick: take a ribbon and loop it. Glue its ends to the bottom of a pine cone. Take a second ribbon and tie it into a bow before gluing it to the base of the first ribbon (to hide any glued-on edges). Voila!

Upcycle Your Gift Boxes!

What happens when you open your gorgeous gifts? Chances are the packaging gets thrown away, but it doesn’t need to. Try upcycling boxes and bags into gorgeous garlands for your windows or mantelpiece. All you need to do is take gift bags, gift boxes, and even Christmas cards, and attach them to a long string before hanging it up. You can add extra embellishments such as ribbons too. Want to use boxes lying around the house? Simply wrap them in gift paper and hang them on the garland.

Image provided by author
Image provided by author

There’s nothing like a bit of home décor to fill your house with the Christmas spirit. Deck the halls with your creativity and create a beautiful sanctuary that you’ll enjoy all season long.

Author: Uma Campbell