How To Create A Spa-like Bathroom

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As you all know, spa-like bathrooms are our dream. We just love the idea of going home to our very own spa everyday. But creating a spa-like bathroomcan be extremely complicated when you take into consideration expense and space, and if you’re renting, you can’t really make any major changes to your space. These things can really put a damper on your spa dreams (trust us, we know), but there’s still hope. There are a few things you can do to add a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom, and for those of you out there who own your home or are just now designing your space, we have a couple of tips for you too.

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Creating a spa-like bathroom without construction

  • Natural décor– A little earthiness can go a long way in a bathroom. You can do this by adding natural materials to your space. We happen to be big fans of bamboo, but you can use wood, and/or river rock. You can also change your shower curtain to linen, it will add a little texture and a bit of natural luxury to your design.
  • Upgrade your showerhead– Showerheads are easy to change and can be inexpensive, making them a perfect upgrade for renters and budget-conscious shoppers alike. Rain showerheads are a wonderful choice, they will bring even more luxury and relaxation to your bathroom. But rain showerheads aren’t the only option, you can get a showerhead with better water pressure, with massage features, you can even get a showerhead that plays music.
  • Upgrade your toilet seat– If you really want to add a little luxury to your bathroom, upgrade your toilet seat from just a toilet seat, to a toilet seat and bidet combo. You can also purchase a heated toilet seat, which will definitely add a dose of splendor, especially during the colder months.
  • Towels and towel warmers– Nothing says spa like plush towels. Turkish towels and terry cloth are two very good options. We also like waffle weave bath towels, they do a fantastic job of amplifying the spa-like atmosphere. Once you’ve got your luxurious towels, grab a wall-mounted towel warmer. Now every time you step out of the shower or bath, there will be a sumptuous warm towel waiting for you.
  • Candles– You can’t go wrong with candles (and we tend to think you can’t have too many). Make sure you pick candles that are either unscented or suited to your sense of smell.
  • Bathtub Caddy– A bathtub caddy will make relaxing in your bathtub a cinch. You can get a caddy with room for candles, soap, a book, and a glass of wine. To amplify the spa-like feel even more, get a wooden or bamboo one.
  • Décor– If you have room, add a comfy chair or bench to your bathroom design. This will create a small seating area in your bathroom, making the space more inviting. Plants and flowers are wonderful decorative additions, as are a small table, a table lamp, and artwork. You can also frame your bathroom mirror, bringing a bit more pizazz to the design.

For all of you out there who own your home, here are a few extra things to consider when creating your spa-like bathroom:

  • Freestanding bathtubs usually go a long way. And if you have the space to do it, a separate bathtub area will really enhance the luxurious feel of your design.
  • Lighting is very important when trying to set the mood in your room. Dimmable lighting will give you more control over the ambience, and soft, warm lighting does wonders for a spa-like atmosphere.

And there you have it. What do you think? Do you try to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom?

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