How To Pet-Proof Your Yard

Image via Time for IELTS
Image via Time for IELTS

A yard is a place where your family can enjoy the outdoors, soak up the sun, and run free in the fresh air. While this includes any four-legged members of your family, you don’t want your beloved pets getting into your treasured garden area. A garden is a labor of love, and it’s important to protect it from a frisky feline or playful pup. Luckily, it’s easy to pet-proof your yard while still making it a fun, safe and exciting space for those special animals in your life. Of course, dogs are more commonly the ones digging up and ruining the garden, so it’s a good idea to give them a fenced-off area or a shed where they can spend some time outdoors. Many dogs love being outside, whether it’s sunny or raining. However, wet dogs can cause homes to smell, which is why it’s so important to properly clean them after they’ve been playing in the rain. Perhaps some owners would benefit from reading some tips on how to dry a dog properly to avoid having that wet dog smell in the house. Luckily, some dogs aren’t keen on the rain and will want to avoid it as much as possible. However, some breeds will find it much more fun to go outside in the rain, so it’s vital that homeowners know how to keep their garden safe from troublesome pups.

Pet-Proofing 101 for Dogs

Image via Mother Nature Network
Image via Mother Nature Network
  • Create a fenced-in area for your dog where he/she can play with its toys and enjoy treats. If you are going to leave your pet outside for longer periods of time, make sure it stays in this protected area – in order to keep your dog from getting into your garden.
  • Design a path for your dog to use when it goes outside. According to House Logic, this will keep it on the trail and out of your garden. Rubber mulch is an ideal material to use for creating a walkway or trail.
  • Make a sandbox for your dog. A lot of dogs love to dig, and gardens are too tempting for them. In order to keep your dog out of your zucchini and cucumber beds, provide your pet with a separate digging area. HGTV notes that you can do this easily by digging a hole in your yard and filling it with sand. Bury toys and treats in the sand in order to keep your dog interested in its safe digging zone.
  • Leave water outside for your dog. Many times, a dog will resort to digging because it is dehydrated or overheated, and it is trying to get cool. By making sure there is always water available, this will prevent your pup from being tempted to dig up your garden.
  • Always practice training commands. Simple commands such as “no” and “stay” will help as you try to teach your dog to stay out of the garden. Also, be sure that you are around enough and play with your dog outside. If it is bored and alone, it will be more likely to get into mischief.

Pet-Proofing 101 for Cats

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  • If you have cats that spend time outdoors, your best bet is to add extra protection to your garden. Cats are known for their tendencies to roam and to be curious. Chicken wire is an easy way to protect your plants and prevent your cat from getting into the garden.
  • You can naturally discourage your cat from going into the garden by sprinkling red pepper flakes around the perimeter. Your cat will not like the smell or the taste of the flakes, and will avoid the area in the future.
  • Certain plants can enhance your garden but also repel your cats from the vicinity. Rosemary is one plant with a scent that cats particularly dislike. Plant this around the edge of your garden, and your favorite feline will stay far away from it!
  • Some cats like to dig, and if yours is one of them, create a barrier in your garden by planting bricks underneath the soil around the perimeter of your garden. The cat will dig until it hits the brick, and move on to another area because it hit a blockade.
  • If you want to encourage them to go outside because they’re causing trouble inside, or you keep asking the question ‘why my cat bites my fingers‘, having some sort of toy or engagement area for them will also help proof the yard. They would prefer to be in their designated ‘fun’ area then off exploring causing more mayhem!

This summer, pet-proof your yard and transform it into a haven for everyone in your family. Imagine tending to your garden – knowing that your fruits and vegetables will thrive, undisturbed by the pets in the yard.

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