Spring Home Maintenance Checklist by LeafFilter

Ah – finally! After a long, dark winter, spring’s bright sun and warmer weather lends a sigh of relief. With the nicer weather just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to declutter and spruce up the inside and outside of your home. From assessing your home for winter weather damage, to decluttering your office of old paperwork, there are a lot of tasks on homeowners’ to-do lists. LeafFilter has created this handy list that will help you tackly all important home maintenance tasks this spring.


Assess Your Home for Damage

Winter’s harsh weather may have left some damage to your home. Look for things such as peeling paint and damaged siding. Make any necessary repairs yourself or hire a handyman to help you.

Check for Missing or Broken Shingles

It’s important to check your roof for any missing or broken shingles after the long winter. Ice and snow can do a lot of damage on your roof, causing small cracks and a great deal of wear and tear. If left neglected, these problems can turn into even larger issues. Protect your home by replacing any missing or broken shingles.

Pick Up Sticks

To prepare for new growth and freshen up your yard, pick up sticks and prune perennial plants and shrubs.

Store your Snow Blower

Aside from putting your snow blower into storage for the season, you’ll want to perform maintenance on it to keep it in good working order. Change the oil and add fuel stabilizer before putting it in your garage or shed for the summer.

Prep your Lawnmower

Get ready for mowing season by changing the oil and spark plugs and sharpening your blades. Additionally, adjust the blade height to get your lawnmower in tip-top shape for the mowing season.

Use a Fertilizer on Your Grass

In order to make your grass the envy of your neighbors, apply a fertilizer in late spring (May/June) right before summer hits. A fertilizer will help your grass grow thicker, greener, and stronger.

Clean Windows and Install Screens

Clean your windows to allow for the sunshine to peek through and install window screens to give your home some fresh air.

Prep your Air Conditioner

Dust any grass or debris off of your air conditioner and switch your HVAC system to the summer setting. Consider having a professional give your AC unit a tune-up before summer hits.

Wipe Down Lawn Furniture

Since warmer months are just around the corner, break out your lawn furniture and patio set and give them a little TLC! Dust off the cobwebs and consider giving your furniture a quick power wash.

Check for Termites and Pests

Pests, like termites, can cause serious damage to your home’s infrastructure. You may not realize it, but termites can cause over $5 billion in damage annually in the nation. That’s more than tornadoes, fires and earthquakes combined! Contact a professional if you see insect wings, mud tubes, or damage to the wood around your home.

Clean Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

Keeping your gutters clear and debris-free is very important to protect your home from water damage. If left neglected, clogged gutters can cause foundation, structural, and erosion issues. LeafFilter Gutter Protection’s micromesh system can help you avoid gutter cleaning, keeping your gutters clog-free for the lifetime of your home!

Author Bio: LeafFilter is a micro mesh gutter guard that attaches to your existing gutters and provides you with clog free gutters for the life of your home.