5 Bathroom Accessories Guaranteed to Impress your Guests

The bathroom is upon which all homeowners are judged; if it’s anything less than spotless, shiny and comfortable, guests will throw their noses up in disgust and judge the owner of said bathroom (albeit silently, unless they’re really mean).

Bathroom Accesories
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Therefore, we should probably all pay a little bit more attention to making our bathrooms the best they can be. While for some this might mean tearing up their bathroom and starting again, renovating your bathroom can be as simple as installing one simple yet dazzling centrepiece accessory.

Here are five eye-catching bathroom accessories that are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Waterfall shower

There’s nothing quite like a tepid, low-power shower to dampen the spirits. Waterfall showers negate this problem somewhat, replacing the standard power shower head with a shower head that dispenses water in the manner of a waterfall.

There are two key reasons why a waterfall shower is impressive; the first is that it’s just like showering under a waterfall, which is bound to impress guests. The second is that they’re just so nice to look at – you could probably just leave the shower running and use it a bathroom water feature, if you don’t mind paying the earth in water bills and facing the judgement of environmentalists everywhere.

Heated towel rail

A towel rail isn’t much to look at, but the beauty of the heated towel rail isn’t purely cosmetic. Instead, the beauty of a heated towel rail lies in the experience of emerging from the shower to a crisp, warm towel – especially on a cold morning. Your guests will love you for it, and will probably want to shower at your place every day…

…Until they get their own, of course. Of all the items on this list, heated towel rails are the cheapest and the one accessory I’d consider an essential!

Demister mirrors

Bathroom mirrors tend to lack the opulence of other mirrors in the home, tending to favour function over fashion. A functional accessory can still be impressive, however, as is the case with demister mirrors.

The beauty of demister mirrors lies in their simplicity; using heated pads beneath the surface of the mirror, these mirrors combat the age old problem of a steamed up mirror after a shower. No more wiping the mirror with your hands to get a look at your freshly clean mug! Your guests will love it, and you will too.

Vessel sinks

Sinks aren’t the most impressive of objects, but even the most disinterested of sink sceptics (if such a person exists) would struggle not to be impressed with a vessel sink.

Vessel sinks are essentially mini-bath tubs that sit slightly raised from the surface (or even sit on the surface itself). While you might not find use for that much sink space on a regular basis, the sheer aesthetics of a vessel sink make it a must have for homeowners looking to impress.

Waterfall faucet

The smaller but perfectly-formed cousin of the waterfall shower, waterfall faucets are based on the same concept of making the water that comes from your taps look more natural in its flow. Most waterfall faucets take the form of a small joystick-esque tap in the centre of a chrome circle. This circle is surrounded by a larger class circle. Even if the novelty eventually wears off, a waterfall faucet is worth it for the first time a guest happens across it and wonders ‘what on Earth is that?!’

So those are five bathroom accessories guaranteed to get your guests talking. Got any more suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Chris Smith is a writer currently writing for Illuminated Mirrors. In his spare time, Chris is still failing to finish one of the many DIY projects he started over a year ago.  

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