Strategies to Help Sell Your Home

Selling a home has changed in the last several years. After the recession of 2008, selling or refinancing was difficult. The real estate market has been slowly coming back in 2014, but now the buyer’s market has changed. Many buyers are millennials, and they are particularly adept at internet research. Selling is in the details now. Consider these ways to improve your selling strategy and sell your home faster:




  • Don’t tell potential buyers your reason for selling. This information should be kept private to facilitate negotiations. Telling buyers you need to move fast or other reasons for moving may give them the upper hand when negotiating prices and draw out the selling process. Stick with a general line like your housing needs have changed.
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  • Do your homework. Before you begin, check out other open houses and see what influences you when looking at a home. Doing so will give you valuable information about pricing, features, and selling points. If the homes you browse are close to yours, consider competitive pricing. A higher asking price might make your home sell slower than your neighbor’s. An appraisal can be a beneficial selling point, and shaving 10–15% off of a good appraisal will greatly enhance your chances of selling. However, appraisals do cost and there is no guarantee that the number appraised will have marketable value.
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  • Use the internet to your advantage. Invest in quality pictures. Potential buyers will make quick decisions online based on first impressions. Good photographs may influence how many people actually want to view the home. Use YouTube or eBay to gain traction. Share all information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using different online avenues to promote your sale can provide quality information to potential buyers without being invasive or salesy. The potential buyers who contact you through online venues are more likely to be seriously interested in buying the home and not just casually browsing.
  • Keep up the appearance. The feel of your home should be inviting. People buy based on emotion, and having more positive sensory reactions from potential buyers will increase your chance of making a sale. The look, smell, and sounds of a home can make or break an impression. Having your home furnished and tidy without being over cluttered can help prospective buyers see themselves in the home. The visualization of making a life in a space can be a powerful sales motivation.
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  • Be transparent. Your prospective buyer should know everything up front to prevent the likelihood of lawsuits later on. Any defects should be made known before a price is agreed upon. Being honest has the added bonus of instilling trust in the buyer-seller relationship, which can speed the sales process along.
  • Find ways to add value to the deal. Offering a transferable warranty or credit toward the cost of closing can boost your home over similar properties. Always make sure your pricing includes room to negotiate. Many buyers will make a decision based on negotiations and any value adds you provide that elevate your home above the competition.

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